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 A definitive end game 
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One thing that has always been kind of bad about 2002 is that there really is no "official" end of the game. the game ends only when everyone other than the victors quit. So I'm proposing a definate way to end a current game. This is meant for the new upcoming version, but since we don't know anything about it, I'll just assume it works just like 2002.

A Blockade of Stardock:
1. A player or corporation can initiate an official "Stardock blockade."
2. After a player initates it, they will have 10 minutes to lay out their defenses of the 6 surounding sectors adjacent to SD.
3. While the blockade is in effect, MSL status is suspended for the sectors around SD and no-one can transwarp using the fed becon at SD. (To keep people from blind warping, the computer will just say that the beacon is jammed and will refuse to jump you there)
4. If all the blockading forces in one of the six sectors is cleared out, the blockade is broken and it ends. else if it remains in place for x days, the game ends.

Other rules to consider for this:
1. A player or corp can only initate a blockade after they have so many resources. This will keep people from starting blockades "just for the hell of it." Same thing with the amount of forces defending the blockade. If you don't have at least a certain amount out there, the blockade doesn't start.
2. Since MSLs would be traveled again after the blockade ends, have the defeated blockade forces moved to random sectors so no-one's planet get hit by it.
3. after defeat, x amount of days must pass before you can try again.

I was also thinking about having a certain percentage of the blockade's forces destroyed by the feds upon failure. IE, 30% of deployed fighters, 20% of all planets, 50% of all mines, etc etc for all things involved in the failed attempt. This would add to the "high stakes" of it.

Basically, the whole idea is to prove that you have far far more resources than anyone else in the game, which is how most games end anyway. This just makes it official so that newbies and the clueless know to go somewhere else.

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