What game edits do you prefer?
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Author:  Helix [ Sat Feb 23, 2013 11:50 am ]
Post subject:  What game edits do you prefer?

I have bunch of slots open. What do you want to play? Also I would like to see the same edit in matching slots on Cernnunos and Twisted TW. The long term idea is to figure out the default settings on v2 that give the same play 'feel' as the edit on v1. I dont want to get in any debates about the merits of which server is better or anything like it. I just want some suggestions for edits, some suggestions for delay settings on the v2 that make it play like v1, and the players who want to help do it. If you dont want to help, no problem, but do us all a favor and stay out of the thread please.

What I thought I would do is bang a game on the v1. (for instance: Subzero) Then bang a game on v2 and give a player game op access to change the settings on v2 until you are happy with it. Each participating player on the v2 side would get their own slot to work of the same edit. Dupes would be allowed in the v1 and v2 edits so the game op could test as much as needed.

Your ideas would be helpful and appreciated. You can use ICQ, PM, email or this thread to contact me with your ideas or questions.

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