New Player Client/Scripting Question
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Author:  CaptnCrypto [ Thu Jul 04, 2019 7:28 am ]
Post subject:  New Player Client/Scripting Question


Thanks for accepting me here, Im new to TW and have been reading a lot of docs. I've never played; I played MajorMud for many years and still play. I've been experimenting with a few servers as to practice. I'm currently using an evaluation of SWATH.

I've read about people automating gameplay in what seems similar to MajorMud. I don't see any options like that with SWATH. Can someone please explain how this is done? Any help is appreciated.

Author:  ElderProphet [ Thu Jul 04, 2019 4:27 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: New Player Client/Scripting Question

Hey there Cap'n, and welcome to TW and the forum!

First, spend weeks or months learning to play without scripts. My advice is to understand the mechanics well, then feel free to turn to macros or scripts to make those well-understood mechanics easier to execute/repeat. If a script claims to do something that you don't have mastery of, then I suggest you develop mastery before using the script.

With that said, most players rely on TWX Proxy for their scripting needs. It has a basic, domain-specific language that makes writing scripts something most players can do. When you give that a go and need help, feel free to post in the Helpers and Scripts forum.

In SWATH and TWX, you'll find scripts to help automate some of the repetitive tasks such as colonizing, trading, and robbing/stealing (another way of making money). Many of us learned to capture the keystrokes to perform these actions using notepad, then copy/paste these in the terminal to complete a round of those events - you probably know what I mean if you're familiar with MUDs. Those are simple macros which many players use and prefer vs. scripts. But again, once you have mastery, feel free to turn to scripts, helpers, or even bots.

I hope that advice is welcome. And Happy 4th!

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