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Author:  tex. [ Wed Apr 24, 2019 11:25 am ]
Post subject:  Tournaments

Can we get a tournament going?? We need game that are like TWGS Ladder Games. Rebangs After x# Days or xCorp meets xCriteria. But always rebangs on set criteria so it is always bringing in people and build a reputation for being the "Rated" games or Ladder Game.....also have a Game setup called Meet Ups where players can go in and use that as communication game with other players. So as it builds reputation, players will know that is where they go to check their mail or other things from other players and where we can meet new people and form teams for other games etc...….just some thoughts for you sysops cause ya'll getting lazy just rebanging a game over n over. =) =P
But honestly we need a Meet Up Game cause I see a lot of unique players but no focal point to communicate with them and not everyone uses these forums....

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