The best Login script since 12_login
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Author:  Vid Kid [ Sat Sep 22, 2018 6:52 am ]
Post subject:  The best Login script since 12_login

Here is the best login script since 12_login.
I put 12_login up many years ago and since abandoned it
in lue of this new one.

It has many features , and has a Globals.cfg for many feature settings.
And can be tailored for each game simply by adding the db name
to the beginning of it (ex. SultanA_Globals.cfg ) and then make the changes
in that just for that one game.
If one is not found , then it will use the original Globals.cfg for setting.

If you have ever used my 0_login.cts before , please rename or delete the
Globals.cfg that resides in your TWX root folder.
This new 0_login has some new features.

Don't be alarmed , this script will terminate mombot upon log on but
can be configured to turn on in the Globals.cfg.

For those who do not use others .cts and request source code ...
I will supply source and all includes upon payment of $$$ , please ask
if you are serious (offers of about $100 or > will open the doors for you).
Otherwise , don't download or use it.
This is only to help players get a better grasp of what can be done
with 0_login.cts's many features.

Also when the TW-Passport is available in the next TWGS release
you will be ready , with no delays on game entry.
Unlike everyone else who does not have this feature yet.

File comment: Version "3.58a"
ModDate "09-22-2018"

0_Login.cts [124.93 KiB]
Downloaded 160 times


Vid Kid/CareTaker

Author:  Helix [ Sat Sep 22, 2018 11:31 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The best Login script since 12_login

Thanks as always, Vid.

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