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 TWX Proxy question: Database problems. 
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Unread post TWX Proxy question: Database problems.
So I'm new and struggling to get a working TWX proxy. I believe I may have cause myself a problem...

What happens - if you set up a game (in swath) then in TWX proxy -- then for the heck of it you decide to log out of game.. Z an dlog into game B for a few seconds... just to check out the game; just for a couple minutes and a few sectors.. without making a whole new database file / logging out and in..etc...

Well in SWATH it gives database corruption errors and warns you ...

What exactly happens in TWX?

I imagine this is something that breaks the programs and could be a reason why I'm having a problem.

Is there any way to easily fix this ? I'm not overly concerned as I have no real data saved in any of them...

SWATH allows you to 'reset'..

TWX proxy only allows you to delete the database and make a new one...

this leads to a second question:

I've had trouble adding multiple databases to twx proxy. I made one.. played a game for a few hours; made a 2nd. 3rd 4th 5th... 6th... deleted one.. made another... now I can't get any of them to load...

now the program itself will not even load... crash crash crash...

So I start from scratch.. same thing.. after a few database creations/ delete/new/load/new/delete/load -- corruption - cant load any...

What am I doing wrong?

1: do I have to use ONE full install of twx proxy with all 500+ scripts for EACH game I play seperately installed?

2: could it be because I had one corrupted XDB file?

This leads to a third question:

the XDB files; apparently they are not compatible between different TWX versions - in any way...? I believe I've observed this and saw someone mention this specifically somewhere...

Which program can read the XDB files; I am curious to see what type of data is inside... not overly important but if I understood them better I could troubleshoot my issues with them.

Tue Sep 03, 2019 5:11 pm
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Unread post Re: TWX Proxy question: Database problems.

Generally speaking TWX proxy seems to run better out of the root of the harddrive.. not in a long windows user directory

so most people run it at

c:\twx (or similiar)

You can have as many databases as you want. I have probably 50 at moment with no issue swapping between.
I've never had to do this but perhaps set the program to "run as administrator" or whatever it is. Or even tell us the windows version you are using.

Swapping games is a no no - it's annoying I know.

If I could get the software running I'd consider making TWX have the ability to reset a database too :) Alas it does not.. so every so often I just delete the lot and start a new directory. I Do a lot of debugging of scripts.. think I created about 30 databases in a day trying to fix a login script... annoying!!!!

Tue Sep 03, 2019 5:30 pm
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Unread post Re: TWX Proxy question: Database problems.
Never use the "Delete" button in 2.05. Nasty little bug that I think is fixed in 2.06. If you hit the "Delete" button in 2.05 you will have to delete the data directory to fix what it did.

TWX has no protection against data corruption and will not even tell that you just corrupted your database if you log into the wrong game. Always use your bot to log in and out, and you won't have that problem.


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Unread post Re: TWX Proxy question: Database problems.
very good info to have.

I'll move my folder

Error I found in TWX when running as admin was related to it finding Database version 8 and expecting database version 9...

Perhaps using TWXProxy.exe and TWXP.exe in the same folder - with the same shared data folder is not a wise thing to do either... I suppose I should only run one... they both appear to be attempting to get the same data folders from the same location and don't have compatible file systems (as I remember reading something from Micro about how he added extra tables to the TWXP.exe version that wouldnt work with TWXProxy.exe)


1: rfile location is C:\_Games\Tradewars 2002\TWXProxy - I generally keep all games stored as close to root as possible but if I have any more errors I'll move twx up to the root.
2: only use the TWXP.exe
3: never load another game aside from the one that was originally set up
4: Will not use the Delete feature from within TWX - will do manual deletions of files in folders in the future.

Emptying the directory solved the issue and allowed me to start the program...
Placing the files in one at a time / restarting twxp.exe and attempting to access/edit/swap files to verity they are working helped me narrow down which was messed up...

the .cfg files are easy enough to read with a text editor -- though not all of my games have these... probably cause I'm still setting things up...

the .xdb files; I cant read them.. no clue whats inside that could cause an error like I had...

Some just dont get recognized at all -- (guessing thats cause its from another version)

Eventually I placed one in the folder that made everything 'go blank' - that must have been the one that was causing me a problem.

Tue Sep 03, 2019 6:29 pm
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Unread post Re: TWX Proxy question: Database problems.
Choose a path with no spaces in the names

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