TW2 for Worldgroup Beta testing (not twgs)
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Author:  Stoneslinger [ Sat Mar 10, 2012 10:34 am ]
Post subject:  TW2 for Worldgroup Beta testing (not twgs)

Hi just wanted to let you all know TW2 beta testing should begin later this weekend on The Swamp BBS. net

TW2 is a remake of Chis Sherricks's Trade Wars ii
It will remain true to the original game with 500 sectors and Cobol aliens to battle along with other users.

It has been ported to Worldgroup NT BBS software by Arcticzone Software and Daniel Spain (Dspain), based on Chris Sherricks Trade Wars ii.

Here is a small blurb from a pmail from Despain.

When module is first installed the 500 sector universe is created, all planet space is reserved,
all player space is reserved, 150 ports are created, and all settings are read from arctw2.cfg,
then audit tells you a new game has been started.

at cleanup every night inactive players are deleted, and the cabal moves around.

when game starts up after cleanup audit will say - Game Running X Days.

in the event you want to reset the game you do /twreset which flags it for reset at next cleanup.
if you decide not to reset /twreset again will cancel the reset.

We hope to have the beta online later this weekend. Check it out at

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