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Author:  Promethius [ Wed Nov 14, 2007 6:08 am ]
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For those that can handle a game w/o a truce and no aliens, I will be opening 5 games in DM form on Saturday, Nov 17:

6 PM Central

Game F - Solo DM 3k Sector
7 PM Central

Game C - Greek Gods DM, 10k, 2 man corp
8 PM Central

Game G - WW2 DM, 4k Sector, Solo
9 PM Central

Game B - Deathmatch by Big D, 7.5k Sector, 2 man corp
10 PM Central

Game A - Prom's Revenge, 5k Sector, Solo
telnet: rivercitytw.dlinkddns.com 2002
Greek Gods and WW2 are two edits I created for normal game play and have been adapted to a DM format.  Deathmatch by Big D was changed from 3k to 7.5k sectors and from 1 to 2 man corps and no other changes were made.
Rules:  No Duping
If the DMs prove to be of interest, I will provide the .TWA files that I created to any Op that wants them.  Big D has his DM up for download on his site (thanks to him for allowing me to use it).

Author:  Big D [ Wed Nov 14, 2007 2:36 pm ]
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This sounds like a lot of fun Prom.  Unfortunately,  My brothers birthday party is Saturday night and I won't be able to make it.  I'm not sure how much competition I would be anyway since I just bought a new system and have yet to transfer all my helpers and scripts to the new system.  Good luck and hope you have a great turn out.
BTW. This system is cool.  A complete gaming system, cost Darn near $2000 tho. 

Author:  Promethius [ Sat Nov 17, 2007 7:48 pm ]
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The system is now connected hard wired so I hopefully don't run into the issue that I had last night.  The games will start opening at 6 PM.

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