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 Equilibrium - Opens tonight 10/22 7PM EST 
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Unread post Equilibrium - Opens tonight 10/22 7PM EST
Cruncher's TWGS is proud to host our first Player/Guest Game-op

telnet:// Port 23

Mongoose has created a game named Equibrium with original planet edits, as this game evolves he will add custom ships in future resets as well.

He's created planet edits that will make previously little used planet types more valuable to develop, should be a lot of fun for players who like to buiild.

The game description provides a brief overview of the planets. Here's a slightly more detailed version.

M - Terrestrial
Advantage: Most stable population, fastest citadel construction
Characterized by a rocky or rocky-metallic composition, an abundance of liquid water on the surface, and a thick nitrogen-oxygen atmosphere. Earth is a class M planet.

H - Geothermal
Advantage: Simplest production logistics, third most valuable production per colonist
Class H planets are geologically young, with a thin, rocky crust and an active, molten mantle. They are often tectonically and volcanically violent, and their surfaces are rich in metal ores and rare earth elements.

K - Desert
Advantage: Highest maximum shields and fighters, highest fighter production per colonist
Characterized by rocky composition, thin atmosphere, and little or no surface water. Subsurface water may be present, allowing for settlement. Mars is a class K planet.

U - Gas Giant
Advantage: Most valuable production per colonist, highest Fuel Ore production and capacity
Rich in the hydrogen isotopes used to power fusion drives, class U planets are the universe's gas stations. Colonies on class U planets take the form of floating cities and gas mining platforms. Having no solid surface, class U planets are limited to level 3 citadels. This makes it impractical to sell the vast amounts of Fuel Ore they are capable of producing. Neptune and Uranus are class U planets.

O - Pelagic
Advantage: Second most valuable production per colonist
Similar to a terrestrial world, but mostly or completely covered in liquid water. Rich in easily-harvested organic compounds.

C - Glaciated
Advantage: Highest citadel interest rate
Similar to a terrestrial world, but covered in a thick layer of water ice. Glaciated worlds are popular locations for corporate archives and data centers because of their isolation, limited population, and cheap air conditioning, but the common joke is that their popularity has more to do with their similarity to bankers' stony, frozen hearts.

k - Sulfuric
Characterized by an extremely thick, reducing atmosphere, often accompanied by violent electrical storms and extreme temperatures generated by a runaway greenhouse effect. Venus is a class k planet.

Game configuration - differences from Gold stock

20,000 sectors
3 planets per sector
3 players per corp
500 turns
3 day turn bank
planet trades 80%
max port production 30,000
180 minutes/day
minimum login 15 min
unoccupied podless captures
capture fail 20%

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