Star Killer's Ice9 August Rebangs
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Author:  Star Killer [ Mon Aug 06, 2018 5:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Star Killer's Ice9 August Rebangs

sk-twgs.com Port 2002
All Games Open Fri August 10th 9pm ET.

Builders Game

Game D:
Star Killer's Crazy Aliens
30,000 Sectors
10,000 Turns
Notes: This game only resets once a year so now is your chance to get in on day 1.
One change is being made to the edit. and one rule change is being made.
1) The StarDock Port Will Be A SSS Port.

Rule Change: Planets in fed space are not protected in any way shape or form from truces or for any other reason, and may be destroyed by anyone.

Unregulated Game

Game O:
Sub Zero Turns
30,000 Sectors
7,500 Turns

Truce Games

Game L
Star Trek
30,000 Sectors
15,000 Turns
One Week Truce. Truce Ends Fri 8/17/18 9pm ET. See "T" Menu of game for truce rules.

Game M
Alien Retribution
30,000 Sectors
Unlimited Turns
One Month Truce. Truce Ends Sat 9/8/18 9pm ET. See "T" Menu of game for truce rules.
Each corp will also be given one stock local Mombot bot Email me your Corp name, Number, PW and SS Channel to get your bot at starkillerstwgs@yahoo.com

Note: The local bot program is a test and may be expanded to other games if it works out.

Updated Truce Rules:
1. NO DUPES. Duplicate accounts will be banned permanently.

2. No Bug Use.

3. No Account/PW Sharing.

4. (Truce length and end date and time will be posted here) Game will be
closed at truce end. No new players will be allowed in.(This will be decided
on a game by game basis)

5. No player on player Combat. No phontoning other players. No
capturing other players/corps ships or planets.

6. No invading bases. No entering enemy bases. Anything that happens
to you in an enemy base is your fault. One truce protected base per
corp. Base must be in a bubble or dead end and the door must be
labeled with a becon.

7. No Limpet or Armid mines allowed in open space outside of bases.
One fighter per sector is allow out side of bases.

9. Truce violators Can be reported to me but it is highly recommended
that you work out these issues yourselfs as you may not like the
rulings I make. Must have screen caps or logs to prove. In all cases
I am Judge, Jury and executioner. starkillerstwgs@yahoo.com

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