Gone Rogue massive BigBang - all games rebanged
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Author:  Shadow [ Wed Sep 09, 2020 11:49 pm ]
Post subject:  Gone Rogue massive BigBang - all games rebanged

It's that time again - the annual Big Rebang!
(Yes, I have been derelict in my duties, and it is long overdue.)

All games are rebanged as of this evening. I have set staggered open dates for some games, while others are open immediately.

All games have SO_MakeAnsi run for detailed info on ships and planets, and startup scripts run to properly configure aliens. Timings are set to 50ms for all games - far lower than most servers out there - for fast gameplay.

Gone Rogue TWGS -- TradeWARS not TradeHUGS
No delays, no latency, no time limits, EVER!
roguetw.org port 2002

Games Open NOW:

<A> Alien Retribution - Unlimited turns, 30k sectors
<C> Cronos Challenge - Unlimited turns, 30k sectors
<G> Sub Zero Turns - 10k turns, 20k sectors
<K> Battlestar SOLO - 10k turns, 20k sectors

Opening Thu Sep 10 @ 9pm EDT:

<B> Ultimate Borg - 20k turns, 30k sectors
<D> Dragon Slayer - 25k turns, 20k sectors
<H> Poker Run - 5k turns, 20k sectors
<L> World War III - Unlimited turns, 30k sectors
<M> Moo2 - 5k turns, 20k sectors

Opening Fri Sep 11 @ 9pm EDT:

<E> Star Trek - 10k turns, 20k sectors
<F> Sub Zero - Unlimited turns, 30k sectors
<I> Pirates Final - 5k turns, 10k sectors
<J> The Boneyard SOLO - Unlimited turns, 30k sectors

Server Policies:

This is not a server for new or inexperienced players!
Everyone is welcome to play here, but be advised that there are no truce or regulated games.

My objective is to create games that are fun and encourage aggressive play while deterring "bubble hugging" or locking down games. To that end, the following policies are in place:

  • No duping. Dupes will result in an immediate ban.
  • Blowing all the ports will result in an immediate rebang.
  • Buying out ships and planets will result in an immediate rebang.

Be forewarned of the following:

  • Most games have direct access to Stardock from Fedspace to prevent lock-outs.
  • Most games have Stardock set to be unblowable (or nearly so).
  • Alien games may have the game date moved forward to strengthen aliens.
  • Certain games have no death delay - it is your responsibility to check game settings.

Happy Hunting!

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