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 SWATH Help 
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Unread post SWATH Help
I am brand new to this TW 2002 thing. Banged around on the Ice Pirate Server and decided to stick for a while. I D/L'd the SWATH Helper but have not been able to connect to the server. Can anyone tell me how to initially setup this helper so it connects to the server? Thanks.


Sat Mar 19, 2011 3:33 pm
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Unread post Re: SWATH Help
OK, while on Darren was giving me some info about the server IP and port number. So now I think I may be ok. I will try again tommorow when I get more turns since I don't want to lose my cloaking device protection.
There is a lot of stuff to learn but I am getting the basics. I know there are tricks and short cuts but if I can mine and trade 300K a day I will be up and running in no time. I did get destryed by someone when I entered their sector. Must have been a paranoid player. LOL Darn Phase cannon or something. Then there is this Evil guy that makes me pay 5000 everytime I enter his sector. When I am in a big bad ship, he is losing that sector. LOL...

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Sat Mar 19, 2011 8:34 pm

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Unread post Re: SWATH Help
This use to be locked to top of Scripts & Helper but someone decided its better to make players search for this info.

So here it is again :

I use Swath and TWX , so this is my setups.
This will make the transaction that much easyer for Swath users.

Start both TWX & Swath , now every game you play you will need
to make a database .. one in Swath and one for Twx.
Use identical names (eg. VidsB : server name and game letter)

Swath will store This info normally in My Documents directory.
Twx will store it in twx/data.

Ok , Now lets setup ..

In Swath .. Each new game I have to set these (they default to other settings)

in Game Options :
Game ID --- make sure it is not set (not needed if useing Twx always)
Hostname/IP Actual game Server address
Port Actual game Server port
Username or Password Leave blank
Sectors: (game max sectors)

Auto Login: NO <-- this is important
Run init script UN-CHECK <-- also important

Game Proxy settings <--- the MAIN change
Hostname/IP localhost and Port 23 (for twx listening port , normally 23)

So Twx scripts don't conflict with Swath
In Game Options / Miscellaneous
turn Haggle Setting OFF
Under Preferances / General
turn TransWarp when ready OFF (uncheck)

Ok , done here ..

Lets SetUp TWX now ...

Right click the icon in tool bar .. setup/program tab
first listening port = 23 (will be differant for each swath/twx combo pair , can be 23,26,2005,2006 etc.)
Only check these
Broadcast ...
Cache ....
Then go to server Tab
Add to make DataBase
Fill in name of game (database to match swath one)
server address (real one)
port (real server port)
check Use login script
for now leave as is (later get 12_login.ts from Links form below)
Login Name
Game letter

Now Back to Swath :

Press ON the LiteBulb & Parse incoming text and Game Proxy Mode.
Now CONNECT on Swath ( Making sure you see [Registered to #XXX] [Proxy] <-- This is now visible)
You are Not Online Yet!

Now lets go Online :
Double click green ball (TWX in Tool Bar) and connect for real.

Once in game
Check your CN Settings .. type CN and check options
1 - ON , 2 - off , 3 - off , 4 - anything other then 0 , 5 - on
6 - Yes , 7 - No , 9 - SPACE , A - Compact , B - No , C - Off

or Run _vid_startup.ts found on or
in one of the Vids Script Packs in the download area (Links are also great source for useful scripts).

Then its a matter of making macro's and ready your system for launching scripts.
In Swath Preferences / Scripts / Page 2
make sure TWX Proxy settings Script directory is pointing to your TWX scripts.
and at Top of Swath Tab marked Scripts / Script Tools / Reload All Scripts.

Hope this helps , of hit me up on Team Speak!

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Sat Mar 19, 2011 9:06 pm
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Unread post Re: SWATH Help
Vid's hook-up is dead on. But it comes off kinda complicated.
If you're just using Swath, you can just put in the server address when you make a new
database. Usually the server port is 23, if not they should list it.

Swath can connect directly to the server and you can play that way.
TWX is an additional helper which is much faster and more flexible than swath alone.
Best of luck, ask here if you have specific questions!

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Sat Mar 19, 2011 9:58 pm
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Unread post Re: SWATH Help
Thanks guys. I did connect with SWATH. So I will mess with it tomorrow. TWX is a little more involved. I did not know it was a EXE file.... ?? I will try it, if I don't catch, I will ask, Thanks.

Sat Mar 19, 2011 10:52 pm
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Unread post Re: SWATH Help
OK, just a little update. I went and got TWX. I loaded it, read the readme, and got it up and running with SWATH. It sure makes trading a whole lot faster and I always get 99 % on the offers so I always get 2 exp points per trade. Nice. So what other tricks are there using SWATH? I guess I don't have the full version as I have to buy it... Is there a big difference?

Is it possible to set up SWATH so that it will warn you of danger in sectors along your route? That would be handy... :)



Sun Mar 20, 2011 1:56 am
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