cc bee creates "Black Market"
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Author:  cc bee [ Fri Oct 15, 2010 11:44 am ]
Post subject:  cc bee creates "Black Market"

Hey traders, i am back.
I have setup a Black Market game on Silverwings twgs, game C.
It is a 30k sector game with 10k turns, loads of cols, and 1:1 planets.
The Hive Corp. is running a type of Stardock, were you can buy just about anything you want.
Trade in some of your turns for a decent ship and planet.
or, come and work for "The Hive Black Market" to earn your start.
hmm... i think only 3 corpies per team.
I am looking for one "Top Gun" to handle ... hmm.... well... collections! and such.
The other spot on The Hive corp. will be a swing position... various players will join/work/leave.
The Hive Black Market is NON-COMBATIVE !!!
We are more interested in doing business.
Of course The Hive would expect a challenge from growing corps, and would be more than capable of protecting it's Butt.
So, drop by silverwings C, for something new.
cc bee... out

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