The Hive recruits
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Author:  cc bee [ Sun Oct 17, 2010 1:34 pm ]
Post subject:  The Hive recruits

Howdy Traders,

The Hive corp. is looking for an "ACE ARTISTE'".
A trader of renown throughout the TW world.

1.) work the ports / cols / and such
2.) monitor sales to traders (making sure they don't grab and run)
3.) operate collections and repo
4.) possibly rent your high quality offence to other corps. (not sure about that one)
5.) gather intel... and keep a close touch with Market customers
6.) hang around the Market, have some fun, and be free the tension arriving from protecting grid and ports.

I have one spot open for an ACE, and one spot for whoever needs to work safely for a bit.

It's a new way of playing... i know you will ejoy it.

cc bee... out

Author:  cc bee [ Sun Oct 31, 2010 10:05 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The Hive recruits

the above post refers to Black Market games (if and when they can be created).

Outside of those games... of course, The Hive would represent in any and all types of games and tourneys.

A lot of you know me and have enjoyed corping with me. You know i dig playing, and most of the time do not allow others to bot me. I come to play, not watch. I would expect anyone making equiries to keep that in mind and perhaps "You" feel the same way.
My strength is in my years playing... i know quite a lot about tw. I have played with and against most of the best in the game. I am a creative strategist, not afraid to try something new... not afraid to be wrong. The Hive would run as a co-operative, allowing all members a strong influence. I would reserve the right to make final decisions... based on my corpies input. I would be willing to drop the CEO spot anytime / anywhere. If one of the Hive wants to implement a strategy for a game... i support that 100 percent.
The bottom line is to recognize what it takes to be successful in any one edit and approach that recognition with new, creative solutions... that requires all member to bust out of the "build till you drop" thinking. You don't have to win win win, to have fun. I hope, establishing new ways of play... things that have not been tried yet, will bring satisfaction with time spent playing as a member of the Hive corporation.

Some of you are looking for a spot on a corp. ... well, here is your chance. We wouldn't be the best out there, but we would have the most fun and the least amount of stress. That's for sure!

cc bee... out

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