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 Need some help in a Classic Game 
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Unread post Need some help in a Classic Game
Game is only about 2 days old now... I could use a red and a blue. Come on in and we can sort it out!

Mon May 30, 2011 6:12 pm
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Unread post Re: Need some help in a Classic Game
What game? This is on the beta server? How many turns? Sectors?
Who are we playing against? Who is on our corp?

Answers man, we need answers! Fill in some blanks.

Ok, so to avoid the double post..I'll just add this bit:

I get off my lazy butt, jump on the twgs (beta) server and find:

TradeWars Game Server                                     Copyright (C) EIS
TWGS v2.00 http ://

Server registered to EIS TradeWars Server
Supports up to 25 games and 100 nodes

<A> ClassicTW Stock <B> JP Test Game
<C> Sandbox Game <H> HHT 2010 Replay
<L> SubZero <M> SubZero (unmodified)
<O> Sing's Timing Tests <R> Stress Test

<#> Players Online
<!> View game descriptions

<Q> Quit

Selection (? for menu) : A

With game A having a status of:

Registered to    : EIS TradeWars Server
Version : 3.14 MBBS Gold Host type : TWGS
Age of game : 3 days Days since BIGBANG : 3 days
Delete if idle : 254 days

Players in game : 15 of max 500 Percent good : 66%
Ports in game : 2400 of max 4000 Value of ports : 7913568
Planets in game : 16 of max 2000 Percent w/ Citadels : 0%
Ships in game : 24 of max 2000 Corps in game : 4
Figs in game : 5691 Mines in game : 0

Game type : Open Turns per day : 1250
Planetary Trade %: 100% Steal from BUY port : Yes
Initial fighters : 30 Clear Busts Every : 1 Days
Initial credits : 300 Last Bust Clear : Today
Initial holds : 20 Multiple Photon fire: No
Sectors in game : 5000 Display StarDock : Yes
Start with planet: No Classic Ferrengi : No
Production Rate : 100% / Day Max Regen per Visit : 100%
Tournament Mode : Off Invincible Ferrengal: No


Ship Attack/Move : Constant (250 ms) Planet Move : None
Other Attack : None Rob/Steal : Constant (2 s)
Photon Launch : None Photon Blast : None
Ship IG : None Planetary IG : None
Dock/Depart : None Land/Takeoff : None
Drop/Take Mines : None Drop/Take Figs : None
Planet Transport : None Ship Transport : None
EtherProbe Move : None GenTorp Launch : None ]

oh, and:
Game Stats:
Major Version=3
Minor Version=14
[Bigbang Settings]
Gold Enabled=True
MBBS Compatibility=True
Start Day=05/28/23
[General Info]
Defined Start Day=05/28/23
Internal Aliens=True
Internal Ferrengi=False
Closed Game=False
Show Stardock=True
Game Speed=Warp (98%)
Turn Base=1250 Turns
Time Online=360 Min
Inactive Time=14400 Min
Last Bust Clear Day=05/28/23
Initial Fighters=30
Initial Credits=300
Initial Holds=20
New Player Planets=False
Days Til Deletion=254 Days
Colonist Regen Rate=15000
Max Planet Sector=5
Max Corp Members=5
FedSpace Ship Limit=5
Photon Missile Duration=0 Sec
Cloak Fail Percent=0%
Debris Loss Percent=100%
Trade Percent=100%
Steal Buy=True
Production Rate=100
Max Production Regen=100
Multiple Photons=False
Clear Bust Days=1 Days
Steal Factor=70%
Rob Factor=50%
Port Production Max=32760
Radiation Lifetime=14 Days
Fighter Lock Decay=N/A
Ship Delay=Constant (250 ms)
Planet Delay=None
Other Attacks Delay=None
EProbe Delay=None
Crime Delay=Constant (2 s)
Photon Launch Delay=None
Photon Wave Delay=None
Genesis Launch Delay=None
IC Powerup Delay=None
PIG Powerup Delay=None
Planet Landing/Takeoff Delay=None
Port Dock/Depart Delay=None
Ship Transporter Delay=None
Planet Transporter Delay=None
Take/Drop Fighters Delay=None
Drop/Take Mines Delay=None
Tavern Announcement=100 cr
Limpet Removal=5,000 cr
Reregister Ship=5,000 cr
Citadel Transport Unit=50,000 cr
Citadel Transport Upgrade=25,000 cr
Genesis Torpedo=20,000 cr
Armid Mine=1,000 cr
Limpet Mine=10,000 cr
Beacon=100 cr
Type I TWarp=50,000 cr
Type II TWarp=80,000 cr
TWarp Upgrade=10,000 cr
Psychic Probe=10,000 cr
Planet Scanner=30,000 cr
Atomic Detonator=15,000 cr
Corbomite=1,000 cr
Ether Probe=3,000 cr
Photon Missile=40,000 cr
Cloaking Device=25,000 cr
Mine Disruptor=6,000 cr
Holographic Scanner=25,000 cr
Density Scanner=2,000 cr
Max Course Length=22
Tournament Mode=0
Days To Enter=0 Days
Max Times Blown Up=0
Active Players=15
Percent Players Good=60
Active Ports=2400
Port Value=8283527
Active Planets=21
Percent Planet Citadels=0
Active Ships=30
Active Corps=4
Active Figs=13276
Active Mines=25
End Stats.

And a roster that goes like:
Trade Wars 2002 Trader Rankings : 05/31/23 07:20:50 PM

# Rank Alignment Corp Trader Name Ship Type
--- --------------------- -- ------------------------------ ------------------
1 6,773 -7,066 2 Cruncher Corporate FlagShip
2 4,014 -42 1 -=orion=- Merchant Freighter
3 2,736 -348 1 angel girl Merchant Freighter
4 2,112 1,000 3 K-os Merchant Freighter
5 1,299 8 3 Farley Merchant Freighter
6 1,100 1 ** rem0te Merchant Cruiser
7 953 2,999 3 tc Corporate FlagShip
8 928 -74 3 F Merchant Cruiser
9 923 0 ** Derek Ridley Merchant Cruiser
10 840 1,013 1 Tebow Imperial StarShip
11 829 -1 4 grian Merchant Cruiser
12 699 5 2 Izod Merchant Freighter
13 208 1,004 1 Raven Imperial StarShip
14 169 0 1 Tarke Scout Marauder
15 90 22 2 kavanagh Merchant Freighter

The early bird may get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.

Tue May 31, 2011 4:38 pm
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Unread post Re: Need some help in a Classic Game
ROFL Man you are good! I have room for one more come on in and hit me up if you want. If you are up for a challenge, than Corp 3 is what you want.

Wed Jun 01, 2011 3:46 pm
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