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Author:  Lionmane [ Tue Jul 11, 2017 2:37 pm ]
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My comprehensive Classic Ferrengi Encyclopedia! Lol!

Note that much of this information was learned from a game where the Ferrengi have no interaction with the players (ie: closed game.) If the players are destroying Ferrengi fighters (ships, sector, or planet,) they're going to change the way the numbers presented here will work.

1) Sleep Mode
Classic Ferrengi (and Classic Aliens) enter Sleep Mode when no traders are logged into the game.

2) Settings
There are two settings I've found to control Internal Aliens, and four for Internal Ferrengi.

There's also a fifth way to edit each Ferrengi individually and allows the sysop to change Ferrengi name, ship name, location (sector,) figs-on-hand, shields-on-hand, corbomite, destination (sector,) Grudges 1, 2, & 3, and operating mode (scouting or attacking.) You can also "initialize" a Ferrengi if they haven't yet spawned/respawned. So this means you can have all forty ships spawned the first day (although most won't have figs.)

These are the settings I've found:
A) Pre-bang, you can turn the Aliens and/or the Ferrengi on or off.

B) There's another pre-bang setting that allows you to hide Ferrengal in a bubble (assuming bubbles are activated.)

C) Post-bang, you can control the movement rate for Aliens and Ferrengi in tedit, General Settings, page H. Note: the LOWER the number, the faster they move because the number controls how often the game checks to see if it will allow movement. I usually set mine to the default Gold value: 1 per 4 cycles.

D) The Ferrengi's Regeneration rate can be controlled in tedit, General Settings, page G. More on this later, because it can be confusing.

E) Editing the individual Ferrengi can be done by hitting "F" in tedit. You then select 1-40. Regardless of which one you select, you can still scroll through all of them. Most of the settings should be pretty self-explanatory. The last setting "Operating Mode" simply distinguishes between "looking for a fight" and "fighting."

3) Ferrengi ships
First, let me say that Classic Alien ships spawn at a rate of one per day (up to fifty Aliens.) Presumably, they spawn in the same stock ships that the Gold Alien Traders spawn in. Classic Aliens are basically just alignment fodder and never actually trade. Since most aliens are evil, people will attack them to increase their alignment.

There are a maximum of forty Ferrengi ships that spawn in the game: twenty Assault Traders, ten Battle Cruisers, and ten Dreadnoughts. These ships spawn one at a time every three days according to the following schedule:

Day three: first Assault Trader spawns.
Day sixty: last Assault Trader spawns.

Day sixty-three: first Battle Cruiser spawns.
Day ninety: last Battle Cruiser spawns.

Day ninety-three: first Dreadnought spawns.
Day one hundred and twenty: last Dreadnought spawns.

Each of these ships spawn in the Ferrengi home sector and equip figs from the sector figs. There seems to be a minimum amount of figs per ship that they'll spawn with related to the age of the game but I haven't tried to determine the pattern yet. The first ship spawns with 180 figs on day three. Something interesting I noticed is that when a Ferrengi ship spawns and takes the last sector fig, some more sector figs will respawn immediately (8000+, which is also the starting sector figs on day zero.)

At day thirty the Ferrengi ships have 1800 figs and 120 shields. At day nine I believe it was 600 figs and 40 shields. It obviously follows a pattern, but I didn't nail it down.

Ferrengi ships initially spawn at extern but REspawn immediately after being destroyed if there are enough sector figs.

Finally, as I mentioned earlier you can force any or all of the Ferrengi to spawn on day zero. I haven't tested what happens if they get destroyed (ie: do they respawn like normal, or do they revert to their scheduled spawn?) But my assumption would be that if a forced-spawned Ferrengi was destroyed before his spawn date, he would not respawn UNTIL his spawn date.

Whoops! I forgot to add that the total number of sector figs required to max out all Ferrengi ships at once is 290K.

4) Max Ferrengi Figs/Ferrengi Regen
Both of these refer to the Ferrengi figs in the game (ship, sector, or planet.) Max Ferrengi is simply the max number the game will allow. Ferrengi Regen (the setting you can control) determines how fast they reach maximum. There is no easy way to determine the maximum number. There is no setting I've found that tells you. Also, this number increases by a similarly unknown amount every day. The number of Ferrengi figs currently in the game also have to be counted if you want to know how many. If your Regen is set to 100%, this makes it easier to count. Good luck! Lol! BTW: The Ferrengi Regen Rate increases by 50 per day (modified by the percentage you assign) if that tells you anything.

Finally, I'm not sure if the number of sectors in the game determines how many Ferrengi the game generates (ie: does a 30K-sector game allow more Ferrengi than a 1K-sector game?) Because I don't know the answer to this, I'll usually set the Ferrengi Regen rate to the same level as the Port Regen rate. The Ferrengi Regen rate *can* be reduced to zero.

5) Grudges
I don't have any solid info on Grudges, but I've read many articles about it so I assume the info is out there. Each Ferrengi has three slots for grudges, for a total of ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY grudges! That's a lot of hate! Lol!

According to the TWGS settings for Gold Ferrengi Grudges, they only activate if more than one Gold Ferrengi are in a sector when you attack them. In other words: the Gold Grudge requires a "witness" to the attack to activate. I don't know if Classic Grudges works this way or not. But Classic Ferrengi Grudges are not something to worry about if you're in a fully loaded ISS.

6) Movement
Ferrengi will deploy sector figs in seemingly random spots throughout the universe as they move around. At some point they're supposed to return to their home sector to replenish, but it might be that the game simply adds figs to Ferrengi ships and subtracts figs from the home sector. Or maybe the game DOESN'T subtract figs from the home sector and simply adds figs to the ships? I don't know for certain, because everything happens at extern (ie: at the same time) and if you don't know the total figs before, it's hard to determine what happened afterward!? Classic Ferrengi avoid FedSpace, and I believe they NORMALLY won't enter sectors with figs deployed unless you've surrounded their home sector. Oh, btw: Classic Ferrengi will ONLY use one path in and one path out of their home sector (I *think* that's right.)

7) Home Sector
Note: Changing a sector name to "The Ferrengi Empire" does *not* create an additional home sector! Too bad...

As I mentioned earlier, the starting figs for Ferrengi on day zero are (approx) 8000. It always seems to be slightly more. After bang, sector figs generate at extern.

The only pattern I've noticed for generating sector figs is that it's ten times the age of the game. So on day one they'll generate ten figs. On day 1000 they'll generate 10,000 (per day!) And etc. I noticed this pattern about 30 years ago, and the Regen Rate in that game was very likely the default 20%. I haven't tested this recently.

8 ) Ferrengal
Ferrengal starts with some population and 10,000 figs (more like 11-12.) Ferrengal can be edited just like any other planet. It can be made indestructable in tedit, General Settings, page H. This just means that Atomic Detonators won't work on it. The Classic Ferrengi will ignore all planets, including this one. Once the planet is captured, the Ferrengi will never create planetary figs anywhere for the rest of the game. The reason that's important is because it affects the total number of Ferrengi figs. And if you leave Ferrengal alone, then it "neutralizes" those figs.

Keep the total number of Ferrengi figs in mind when you edit Ferrengal, too. If you put 1M figs on Ferrengal on day zero, then you'll likely exceed the Maximum Ferrengi by such a large margin that it will be months before the Regen will start back up (when the Maximum exceeds 1M.)

9) Encounters
Ships can be engaged and captured/destroyed just like any other. Never surrender! Lol! Seriously, surrendering sometimes destroys you without a fight so it's better to flee if you can.

If you have Gold and Classic Ferrengi in the same game, and you encounter both in the same sector, you will see the Classic Ferrengi listed FIRST. If you have ANSI enabled, the word "Ferrengi" will be brown. The Gold Ferrengi will be listed SECOND, and the word "Ferrengi" will be yellow.

If you have Gold and Classic Aliens in the same game, and you encounter both in the same sector, you will see the Classic Alien listed FIRST. If you have ANSI enabled, the word "Aliens" will be brown. The Gold Alien will be listed SECOND, and the word "Alien Tr" will be yellow.

More updates as I figure them out.

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