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 Glossary (F) 
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Unread post Glossary (F)
Fake Bust
TradeWars internally keeps track of the last StarPort that each player successfully steals or robs from. When a Red player attempts to steal or rob from the same StarPort two consecutive times they will always get Busted, thus resulting in lost Experience points and Holds however, it is considered a Fake Bust because if the Red successfully steals from another port, they can come right back and steal from that port where they had just Fake Busted at. Fake Busts penalize the Red by taking 20-percent of their total Holds and 10-percent of their total Experience, the same formula is used for both stealing or robbing attempts. This type of Bust does not count towards clearing out other player’s Busts, such as for the purposes of Bust Clearing.

This pertains to the sector stationed with the StarDock, Terra, and sectors 2-10. Each of these sectors falls under the Federation’s own regulations and rulings. Also referred to as: Fed.

Refers to any player that has a 0 or greater positive Alignment combined with 999 or less Experience points. Meeting these requirements prevents that player from all forms of attack while they remain berthed within any FedSpace sector.

These are used to attack, defend, or charge tolls to opposing players entering the sector of the deployed Fighters. The Fighters can be set as either Personal or Corporate (as long as the owner of the Fighters is on a Corporation.) Only one player’s or Corporation’s Fighters can be placed in a given sector at a time. If no Planet is present up to: 50,000 Fighters can be posted within a given sector; if a Planet is present up to: 2,000,000,000 Fighters may be posted. Deployed offensive Fighters attack a player upon entering the sector at 1:1 odds, deployed defensive Fighters defend against attacks at 1:Attacking Ships Offensive Odds, and deployed toll Fighters require a fee of 5-credits per posted fighter to be paid to permit passage and defend against attacks also at 1:Attacking Ships Offensive Odds; any collected tolls is awarded to the attacking player. In order for the owner of the toll Fighters to collect the tolls, the Fighters must be collected, manually and then redeployed or retained shipboard. Attacking Fighters may result in an increase in Experience and either a higher or lower Alignment, depending on the Experience and Alignment of the Fighters owner(s); if the Fighters belong to a Corporation, then the controlling Corporations averaged Experience and Alignment is used to factor the Experience awarded and Alignment gained or lost, versus the actual Experience and Alignment of the player that actually deployed them there. Fighters are also used aboard Ships and on Planets, either defensively or offensively; the odds for Ships depends upon the specific configuration of the Ship as designed by the SysOp or GameOp and the odds for Planets are 2:1 for offensive Planetary Fighters and 3:1 for defensive Planetary Fighters. Also referred to as: Fig, Figure.

Flee Penalty
When a player is attacked by another player the defending player’s ship will attempt to flee, thus randomly costing the fleeing player an additional one turn penalty; this is in addition to their TPW. The penalty is applied based on a 50/50 chance and if so applied the penalty will occur once the player attempts to land or Port after successfully fleeing from the attacker, although if the player uses one or more turns performing something else before landing or porting then the penalty will no longer apply.

Refers to using a ship (commonly a Merf) with stocked out Holds for the purpose of replenishing another players ship (commonly a COLT) back to full Holds for the purposes of Furbing.

Refers to when a Red either Busts or Fake Busts, thus causing the Red to loose 20-percent of their shipboard Holds. Furbing is when a Corpie (usually a Blue player) buys a Ship referred to as a Furb (commonly a Merf is used for this purpose) the player purchases this a “Personal” Ship and stocks it out with the required amount of Holds and then tows it to the Red player. The Red then attacks the Furb with just enough Fighters to destroy it. This action in turn replenishes the lost Holds aboard the Reds Ship (usually a COLT is manned by the Red for this purpose.) The formula for determining the required number of Holds needed to replenish the Reds ship is: Holds to Purchase for the Furb = Stock Holds aboard the Purchased Furb - ((Holds Lost * 3) - 3).

Refers to when a player attempts to Blind Warp and fails resulting in the player getting Podded. This is caused by Blind Warping into a sector without any Fighters first being posted, while at the same time another object (i.e. Beacons, Mines (either Armid or Limpet or both), Ships (whether manned or not), StarPorts, etc.), players (whether Cloaked offline or not), Aliens, Traders, or NavHaz (1% or greater), are within the sector being Blind Warped to, thus causing the warping player to crash into the object(s) and Fuse their Ship. Fighters enable a locator beam from the players Ship to the destination sector to be established or locked onto, the only exception is when Commissioned players Bwarp or Twarp into FedSpace. As long as there is absolutely nothing else within the sector at the time of the Blind Warp, Fusing will not occur.

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Unread post Re: Glossary (F)
The FedSafe definition is incomplete. There's also a limit to the number of ship figs.

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Unread post Re: Glossary (F)
Technically there isn't... having more than 50 figs doesn't prevent you from being fedsafe. It prevents you from staying in fedspace overnight.

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