Glossary (H)
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Author:  RexxCrow [ Tue Jun 27, 2006 9:33 am ]
Post subject:  Glossary (H)

Refers to a utility program used by players for the purpose of enhancing their game play. These programs offer the ability for the player to automate common tasks, use Macro functions, perform ZTM functions, implement additional graphics and database visuals, as well as access, create, and manage databases containing important game data. Popular Helpers are listed in the Reference Guide to TradeWars 2002 Helper Programs, located in Section 2.4.

These are used aboard Ships for storing shipboard products to transport and trade at StarPorts or to stockpile on Planets. The Hold capacity of vessels can range from 0-255 per vessel class as determined by the Ships individual configuration as set by the SysOp or GameOp.

These shipboard scanners are considered an upgrade from the Density Scanner, as they permit the player to perform a standard Density Scan in addition to virtual-scanning, which permits the scanning of the surrounding sectors as if the player was currently within each of the scanned sectors at the time of the scan. Holo-Scanning uses 1-turn per scan, all Ships may be equipped with a Density Scanner, though only Ships that have been configured by the SysOp or GameOp to support Holo-Scanners may be so equipped with them. Also referred to as: Long Range Scanner, LRS.

Refers to the number of sectors from one point to another and back, i.e. a destination sector that is 4-sectors out and 6-sectors back would be 4-Hops to and 6-Hops from; or 10-Hops round trip.

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