Glossary (L)
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Author:  RexxCrow [ Tue Jun 27, 2006 9:38 am ]
Post subject:  Glossary (L)

Limpet Mine
These Mines are used to covertly track other player’s, the only ways for any non-owner of this type of Mine to detect it prior to attachment is through a performed Density Scan. Visiting a Class 0 or Class 9 Port will bring an attached Limpet mine to the player’s attention; these Ports are also capable of removing the device for a nominal fee, (as determined by the SysOp or GameOps preferences.) Once a new Mine is picked up by a vessel already containing one, then the previous Mine will fall off to be replaced by the new Mine. Only the owner(s) of a Limit Mine are permitted to retrieve or place additional Limpets within a sector already containing these types of Mines. A maximum of 250-Limpet Mines are permitted within each sector. Limpet Mine activation messages are always first to be displayed when a players is entering a sector containing them.

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