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 Glossary (T) 
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Unread post Glossary (T)
This is derived from Corporate Menu (T) and then Corporate Assets (A); which displays a Corpie’s location. This is used as means to get your sector location or to respond to another players sector location. This allows players to communicate their locations without using sector numbers on the Sub-space radio, as there may be other players listening in. This also prevents accidental broadcasting of this sensitive information on the Fed-Com to the entire universe.

When a player has a 0 or higher positive Alignment and also has more than 100,000 credits on-hand, they are entitled to receive taxation once per day. Taxation is reset at every Extern and occurs when a qualifying player exits and re-enters the game or logs on. Taxation occurs at 5% of on-hand credits and is retained by the Federation. The taxing player receives in return a gain .000667 points of Alignment for every credit taxed, i.e. if you have 200,000 credits on you when you exit and an Alignment of 1,000, when you next sign on, you will be taxed 10,000* credits, and your Alignment will increase by 6 points to 1006, (10,000 * .000667 = 6.67 = 6).

This is a planet usually located in sector-1, but can be manually moved by the SysOp or GameOp. This planet owned and protected by the Federation, this is where Colonists are initially available for players to transport to their own planets for colonization. The rate of colonist reproduction and maximum population are configured by the SysOp or GameOp, within the limitation of the TradeWars Gold Editor. Terra also contains a designated Class 0 Port and apart of the Major Shipping Lanes (MSL).

This occurs to players that are offline in FedSpace during Extern with either 100 or more fighters onboard their vessel or when the maximum number of players allowed per sector in FedSpace is exceeded, (i.e. if the limit is 4 and there are 6 players not currently online at Extern, then 2 of them will get towed; which players get towed is a random action.) Players that do get towed are taken also to a random sector; additionally, towed players will not be taken past any other player’s deployed fighters or mines, (refer to: AMTRAK.) Players can tow both manned and unmanned vessel’s, only one vessel can be at a time; if towing a manned vessel there can be no fighters aboard the vessel to be towed.

An acronym for: Turns Per Warp, referring to the number of turns that will be deducted each time a given vessel is moved from one sector to another, i.e. if player-A and player-B are both in identical vessels designated at 2-TPW and both leave at the same exact time for the same destination located 3-sectors away; and player-A moves without their Warp Drive through the 3-sectors they would have use 6-turns vs. player-B whom chose to use their T-Warp to travel that 3-sectors will have used only 2-turns and would have also be the first to arrive; although would have expended 9-units of Fuel Ore from their holds in the process.

Refers to a player of a Corporation that has been assigned the duty of exchanging Products from StarPort to StarPort, Planet to StarPort, or any combination thereof.

This refers to a game that is operating under a stipulation that for a set period of time (i.e. until either Midnight/Extern, or 6, 12, 24, 48, or 72 hours, although a Truce could last for one week to one month), during the predetermined timeframe no player shall display any form of aggression; or offense; or act in a matter as such, towards any other player, traders and aliens may or may not be covered by the Truce. The duration and exact conditions would be set and decided at the discretion of the SysOp or GameOp, as so would the punishment of any player in violation of the Truce. Also referred to as: Non-offensive Clause, Peace-treaty.

This is a long chain of sectors with a Door entrance to each side, i.e. if sectors 12-13-14-15-16 are connected as such, with sectors 13-14-15 each allowing access to and from each adjacent sector and with sectors 12 and 16 both having multiple warps both in and out, this would be considered a Tunnel. Tunnels are often good places to build bases, since they have no Dead-ends and are often missed by Probing.

This refers to TransWarping, the ability for a ship to warp multiple sectors expending Fuel Ore to power it’s Warp engines at the cost of (3 units of Fuel Ore * the total number of sectors being T-warped through). Twarping costs the user TPW, this varies depending on the design of the ship as configured by the SysOp or GameOp. The speed of the ships Twarp ability depends on TPW correlated with the TWGS ship delay settings as determined by the SysOp or GameOp. Twarping with a vessel-in-tow increases these figures based on the related configuration of the vessel being towed combined with the towing vessel’s.

An acronym for: TradeWars 2002 Gold Server.

An acronym for: TradeWars: Tournament; a new game being developed by EIS in collaboration with Sylien Entertainment.

Refers to a sector that has two Warps-in and two Warps-out, with both of the Warps-out permitting an Adjacent Return back into the originating Two-way sector. The use of this term is usually associated with a Bubble or Tunnel.

TWX Proxy
An acronym for: TradeWars 2002 Export Proxy, this is a utility that sends and receives information between the active terminal and the TWGS. TWX Proxy uses it's own scripting language (TWX) in-par with its internally expansive database capabilities. Created by: Xide, whom has since retired and open-sourced TWX Proxy under the GNU and GPL Standards, there are now two versions: TWX Proxy (build lead: ElderProphet) and TWX Proxy Pro (build lead: Wabbit).

TWXSync Server
A TradeWars 2002 active synchronous updating program designed to be used in conjunction with TWX Proxy, (this is a utility for corporations and is compatible with both ATTAC and SWATH.) TWX Sync Server exchanges information in real-time between the players in a corporation through the use of a designated Internet account, this permits all players of the corporation to work with each other gathered information while simultaneously keeping it the information accurate. Created by: Earth; TWX Sync was written in C++.

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