Cruncher's Server - C game rebang
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Author:  prestone2 [ Wed Sep 23, 2020 4:09 pm ]
Post subject:  Cruncher's Server - C game rebang

This game will reopen Friday, Sept. 25th, 8pm Eastern

Changes as promised I will NOT have delays that interfere with scripts, the only delay is the 100ms latency delay, and 250ms ship delay.

I WILL NOT enforce rules 1 & 2. Play at your own risk, ask an experienced player to help teach you how to pdrop/adjacent photon, or glean information from the game menu.

I'm going to expect that experienced players will take at least one or two new/returning players on their corp and teach them advanced play. If I see too many new or inexperienced players being turned into #SD# I'll shut this down.

Above copied from Game Rebang board, appears I am unable to Post Reply there.

Please consider also making the following changes:
1. Set minimum login time per login 3-5 minutes. current setting is 0. This will also affect qe stuff so enter/exit wisely.
2. Set planet pwarp delay to 250ms. current setting is 0. This will prevent pwarp adj/photon aligning with the spirit of the "Not using Planets as weapons." Good aligned players will still be able to use planets to citbeam/photon. Not sure if there is a cit beam delay option in the twgs.
3. Disable # Who's Playing so you don't know who is online.

Other then that I think the Call to Battle is a pretty solid edit.

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