2021 Weekend Games.
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Author:  Vid Kid [ Sat Jul 31, 2021 8:56 am ]
Post subject:  2021 Weekend Games.

Hi, there has been talking about playing weekend games.
I decided that since no one has taken it on, and my server is
not doing anything.
I shut down all my games unless someone wants an edit to play.

I am hosting
Game A, Stockish, no Alien planet to capture.
5k universe, 3k turns * 2
If you want a chance to have mobile planets, get in early!
There will not be objectives, other than to have fun.

Time Friday till Sunday midnight.

Time Zone: West Coast USA
Extern: West Coast USA 12:00 am

Opens: 4pm WST Friday
4 AM Saturday Guam Time
Closes: 12am WST Sunday 5 PM Monday Guam Time

As these games play on,
each time I may make one new change
each run of the game.
If you want to try your hand against Aliens or other players,
this could be something to do for 72 hours.

This one is 5k universe, I will probably stick to that.
This time 3k turns * 2

Game Note:
I will run the server.
I do not T-Edit a Live game.
I will Not be playing The Weekend games.

Any Tedits will be before the game opens.
Also, please send any game types, tweaks, or suggestions
for a future weekend game.


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