Gaul's Real-Time Tradewars 202X
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Author:  Gaulven [ Sat Apr 03, 2021 1:46 pm ]
Post subject:  Gaul's Real-Time Tradewars 202X


Web client and details: https://gaulven.com/tw2002/
Telnet: gaulven.com 2002
Discord with full descriptions: https://discord.gg/KFsPECW

My games are scheduled to run for 3 months at a time. This round completes at the end of June for my next rebang on July 1st.

-=-=-=- Bangs for April 1st, 2021 -=-=-=-

<A> Gaul's Real-Time TradeWars 2021.4

Game A is where my efforts are focused. See the Discord for a detailed description. It is a maximum size universe with unlimited turns and action delays to moderate the speed of play. There are several alien races with homeworlds. Ships are custom, planets are tailored to the game, and the universe map via CIM is provided.

<J> Default TW2002
<K> Default TW2002 MBBS+Gold
<L> Default TW2002 9600bps aka "2400 baud"

Games J, K, and L are running examples of stock games as an additional service to the community.

Author:  Micro [ Thu Apr 08, 2021 11:46 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Gaul's Real-Time Tradewars 202X

Gaulven wrote:
> Default TW2002 9600bps aka "2400 baud"

ummmm 9600bps is "9600 Baud"...

I do not think I ever owned a 9600, as I went form 2400 to 56K...

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