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 The Ferrengi are cheating; Whats the deal? 
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Unread post The Ferrengi are cheating; Whats the deal?
I know - for a fact - that 10 ferrengi exist in the universe; I have TRAPPED all 10 with my planetary interdictor - they have been trapped for quite a few days now...

So can you explain why the ferrengi homeworld Still gets almost 500,000 fighters a day? (If I buy 100,000 figs - they seem to get 200,000 figs the next day - If I buy 500,000 - they get a lot more... -- If I dont buy ANY figs - they still get more...) -- Dont they need Ships to go buy fighters from the class 0 ports?

I learned that blockades are useless - I surrounded the class 0 ports for over a week- apparently every time I destroy a ferrengi ship - another is instantly spawned... -- so instead of keeping them away from the fighters by blowing them up -- I simply depleted my resources like MAD because they just NEVER STOPPED COMMING AT ME...

Oh and here is another REAL good one...

I put 30,000 fighters and 20 mines in every sector surrounding Ferrengal -- this way I could see if ANY ferrengi ships come and go... -- Well gues what? I logged in tday - to find ZERO messages abuot any fighters being destroyed -- No ferrengi moved anywhere in my grid... (they are all still trapped by my interdictor) -- and yet - now there are 30,000 FERRENGI fighters and 20 FERRENGI mines in every sector I put my figs in...

So how can my own resources MAGICALY become THEIRS one day after I deposit them?

this crap happened to me on another game-- only it was my PLANETS that magicaly became theirs.... I was then evicted and had to attempt to re-invade my fuy shielded fully stocked planet (which they just 'magically' became the owners of)

So... Whats the joke? -- Am I the punchline?

Anyone care to explain this?

-Day 90 for me - Day 150 for the game... Standard stock game - only aliens that exist are ferrengi... no mods at all on this version...

I mean... really.. how the heck am i supposed to kill off 17 million OFFENSIVE fighters - then invade a planet - when the best ship I have is a Flagship with 20k figs - or an interdictor with 100k that cant land...

And even IF I can invade ferrengal - move it far away behind 6 protected sectors... -- will those aliens EVER stop building up that original homeworld sector? Will they magically pass through all my defenses to steal their planet back? - I'd like to know...

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Unread post Re: The Ferrengi are cheating; Whats the deal?
Ok , your playing against an alien race .. you kill one , he spawns in his base or a spawn spot.
He gets free figs based on age of game .. they sometimes leave them on their planet.
Their planet also has cols and generates cols/figs.

If you hold them in IG , they use your planet fuel .. sometimes they may even blow up ..then re-spawn.

You leave figs/mines around they claim them .. naturally ..
There is not much you can do against aliens except to leave toll figs , this will slow/stop them.

Don't build in their base area , or your easy pickings.
It also helps to stay online 24/7 to prevent them from turning your stuff.
But that isn't always possible or practical.

Sometimes the aliens have the best ships also .. maybe capture their Scorpion ship.
It may be the best invading ship in the game.

Good luck .. and they are not cheating ..this is how it has been programed into TradeWars.

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Unread post Re: The Ferrengi are cheating; Whats the deal?
If i could get the code of TW 2002, we should upgrade that kind of crap. It's not cheating, you're right Vid, but you should tell that it wasn't the way to put some impartiality in that alien behavior... I call that a bug on my side.

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Unread post Re: The Ferrengi are cheating; Whats the deal?
Photon moth the planet then invade. Often time the military reaction is on and you can drain the figs using good defensive odds.The sector figs are meaningless as long as photon wave is over 1 sec.

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