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 Moo Scripts 
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Unread post Moo Scripts
Hi all,

I'm releasing a few of my Moo mombot commands for those who don't have them in their tool belt. These are public versions but are 98% same as what I use and used to win various tournaments (Fire/Xmas) and many public games. About all that is removed is a autokill feature and some hardcoded items for particular tournaments which aren't relevant.

Some of these scripts may be initially confusing, I'm happy to train!! Hit me up on one of the Discords (Hammer/Dahammer)

MooExp_P - Requires Planet Scanner and T-warp ship. If you are furbing yourself from dock, then a Fed Comm. You can run it immediately with no ZTM as it was always designed to be run immediately. It's pathing is a bit wonky, and may get stuck occasionally. However, once it gets going it's usally fine for whole of day 1 turns.
It will auto priortise it's gridding/port hunting. Learn the planets etc automatically.

If people are trying to kill you at dock, then you can use a variety of corp furb options. (See: Moofurb)



Explores the universe looking for Moo Ports

mooexp_p [turnsstop/cashstop] [maxplanets] {primary} {bad/all}

[turnsstop] <= 60000 stop at these turns
[cashstop] > 60000 stop at this cash amount
[maxplanets] Max planets b4 blasting and replacing.
{f/o/e} Highest value product available defaults
to equipment
{bad/all} Clean bad/all planets post trading. default none.
{guard} Ensures corp planet at SD to invoke Guardian
{ephag} Default is NEG but set to use EP Haggle
{furb} Safe Furb - Corpy runs >moofurb tfurb Ship
{secure} Drop/furb mines/limpets
{figs:n} Buy figs to this amount n
{efurb:bot} Exchange furb with {bot} waiting on right planet.

Auto refurbs - requires fed safe if not using moofurb
Stores sectors to go back to when script reruns.
AUTOCLEANUP if planets above 90% game max
Start from citadel to auto cash dump

mooexp_p 500 10 e
Make sure >update



Twarp Moo script, extremely profitable when used correctly. There is many ways to specify which ports to work. It is versatile on furbing, including a number of safe furb ways. Exchange furb is great for evils, where it twarps home, swaps ship with corpmate and continues.

Doesn't use CIM but check reports manually before beginnning, which I admit once you have 3-400 upgraded ports is a bit spammy, or worse if you moo "Everything".

>select ports SBB port.e>2000 mark:mooit

>moo_p mooit 6 e safe

- tells it to warp sectors with param mooit, make a max of 6 planets before it blows and recycles them, Equipment is the primary product i.e. it moves on when port can't buy any more (You can specify min perc). Also only lands on sectors with limps/mines with "safe".

The most profitable method is to upgrade ports to max and work them with >moo upgraded
We are talking 100's of millions per 1k turns in some edits.



Warps around to ports and sells products from planets

moo_p [mode] {maxplanets} {f/o/e} {all/bad/top}
{guard} {nofigs} {ephag} {safe/paranoid}
[mode] skimpl/upgraded/param/everything/file/sector
{maxplanets} Max planets b4 blasting and replacing.
{f/o/e} Primary Product, Equipment by default, set
once only then no need to call.
{bad/all/top}Clean bad/all planets post trading. default none.
Top leaves max planets per sector
{guard} Dock corp planet created
{ephag} Default is NEG but set to use EP Haggle
{safe} Ports must be surrounded by figs (ZTM!)
{paranoid} Ports must be surrounded by figs and limpets
{efurb:bot} Bot to exchange ships with at home planet to furb.
{xfurb:bot:ship} Xport Furb - Furb ship ready above planet.
{tradeto:n} Trade to percentage, defaults 15, tradeto:50 = 50%
{Secure} Drop mines and Armids

Modes -
skimpl/pl - Sells off product from personal planet list
- Skim versions skips making new planets
upgraded - Visits upgrade ports (10k+) that are ready
param - Sectors with this param i.e. moo MOOPORTS
everything - Anything that buys the primary prod with a fig
file - One sector per line, file must end in .txt
sector - One sector >Moo sector {maxplanets} {sector}



what your corp mate will need to run if you want to safe furb.



moofurb [efurb/tfurb/icefurb] {nofigs}

[efurb] - Citadel Exchange Furb
[tfurb] - Tow furb - Send ship required
>moofurb tfurb 2ndship
[xfurb] - You xport into ship, furb and xport out
[icefurb] - Furber for ICE tournament

{nofigs} - Dont restock fighters

All modees deliver torps/atomics to traders running
a moo script. You need to be fed safe.


Are there bugs? of course, I wrote them, let me know and I'll put effort into fixing them for others, but for me I just live with it. I'm going to start working on a new pathing model.

I use scripts in the newer version of the BOT. I've supplied source code for those who want to modify these, fix bugs or just exploit them. Bug fixes etc, would be great if you updated them and let us know. I'll ask Micro to include these in future bot releases.


mooexp_p / moo_p
[your script directory]\[mombot director]\modes\cashing

[your script directory]\[mombot director]\daemons


File comment: see above for locations where to put stuff [181.84 KiB]
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Unread post Re: Moo Scripts
Thank you for posting .. for all and the source code as well.


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